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The Pillar is a first-person puzzle game that's openly inspired by The Witness. Here, you get to move freely around a beautiful setting while solving tons of puzzles and trying to figure out where you are and what's happening.

When you're not solving puzzles directly, you can move your avatar with your left thumb and look around using your right. Most of the puzzles you have to solve involve the classic 'flow' gameplay. But of course, as you advance, the puzzles will get more and more difficult.

Your final objective in The Pillar is to escape from the mysterious world you find yourself in. For that, you have to interact with a series of shining pillars, where more and more puzzles will appear.

The Pillar is a really great first-person puzzle game that, despite it's quality, offers a game experience that's a little too 'inspired by' The Witness. In other words, it's a decent game with good graphics and a nice soundtrack, but it definitely doesn't stand out for originality.
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The Pillar is a beautiful puzzle game that's a tad too similar to The Witness

Seeing as we're used to finding classic puzzle games à la Candy Crush, it's always nice to come across ideas like the one we see in The Pillar. This puzzle game looks extremely similar to the masterpiece called The Witness, although here, the development of the puzzles isn't as complex.
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Requires Android 4.1 or higher